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File extension WKS is most commonly associated with a Microsoft Works Spreadsheet, though was also used early on by IBM's Lotus 1-2-3. In both cases the data stored is a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets, otherwise known as worksheets, are composed of rows and columns which are typically used to store and manipulate numerical data. Where a row and a column intersect is a cell, which is typically referenced by a letter representing the column and a number representing the row, such as C4. This standard method of cell referencing makes it easy to navigate around a spreadsheet regardless of its complexity. In addition to entering figures, formulas can also be inserted which make use of values contained within cells. This means that if a value were to be changed, this would be reflected in any formula which uses this value, making spreadsheets ideal for modelling and forecasting.

Spreadsheets can also be used to present data, and both Microsoft Works and Lotus 1-2-3 support a variety of graphs and charts which can also change dynamically to reflect changes to values in the spreadsheet. Standard text formatting tools are also available to improve the readability of data, particularly in large, complex spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are used in many industries, particularly those working extensively with numerical data such as accountants or scientific research departments. However, given their power and flexibility, spreadsheets are now more widely used by everyone from businesses to model sales forecasts or cash flow, to home users to manage their personal finances.

Though far less common, the WKS file extension may also refer to an XLISP WorKSpace, a development environment for the XLISP programming language which is a derivative of the more widespread LISP language albeit with additional object-orientated features.

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet files can be opened by both Microsoft Works and Microsoft Excel, though native Excel File extension XLS and, since the release of Office 2007, the File extension XLSX format, are more common. Lotus WKS files can be opened by Lotus 1-2-3, as well as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc and Star Office Calc.

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